DIY -Wire Lace Necklace

For this Sunday I thought I would take one of the stores popular samples and break down how it was made.  This elegant necklace is really simple to make once you have seen the steps it takes to do it.

Materials Needed: 

 Wire Lace in Brass,  Gold pyrite briolettes (and briolette shaped stone will work),   Gold filled crimp ends ,  Gold ,   Gold plated clasp,   Gold plated jump rings,   Hypo cement glueChainnose plyers, Thread snips


Step 1:  Cut two, one yard lengths of the wire lace and tie the two peices together at one end.  You want to leave about a 3 inch tail from the knot. 

Step 2:  thread one of the pyrite beads on t0 one of the strands of wire lace.

Step 3:  Bringing the two threads of wirelace together, tie and overhand knot about half an inch from your first knot.

Step 5: When you have finished knotting on the pyrite beads to the two strands, hold the ends of both strands together (where you tied your first knot) and tie another overhand knot that ties the two strands together.   Glue the knot with hypo cement.


Step 6: Slide the crimp end on over the knot while the glue is still tacky and smash it flat with chainnose pliers.   Trim the tails of the thread off.  Repeat on the other end of you wirelace strands. 


Step 7: Attach chain and clasp in the back to acheive your desired lengh. 

About beadshopgirl
My name is BeadShopGirl and I'm a beadaholic. In the morning, in the afternoon and into the night I think about them, match them and even dream about them. And here I blog; all about beads.

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