DIY -Gold Shield Earrings

This sunday morning’s D.I.Y project is brought to you by yet another lovely bead shop babe!

To make these earrings you will need a hole punch, chainnose pliers, gold plate jump rings, earwires and 18 dimensional cube charms

Step 1: punch holes in the gold shield charms


step 2: attach together using gold plated jump rings

Step 3: add earwires!

About beadshopgirl
My name is BeadShopGirl and I'm a beadaholic. In the morning, in the afternoon and into the night I think about them, match them and even dream about them. And here I blog; all about beads.

4 Responses to DIY -Gold Shield Earrings

  1. imahazard says:

    Find the shield as the Dimensional Cube Charm online!


  2. Libba says:

    How do you make the holes to connect the geo charms? I tried using the punch shown in the pics, however I couldn’t make it work.
    Thanks for your reply!


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