Huib Petersen: Flowers, Ocean Life and Right-Angle Weave

Huib Petersen
Showing at Baubles & Beads
Thru September 30th

For many years Huib Petersen’s jewelry enchanted those of us lucky enough to connect with him. With a studio in San Francisco, he was one of our local treasures. After nearly two decades he remains a local treasure, the greatest difference being that we must now share him with the world. Recognized internationally for his designs and instruction, Huib is now one of the most sought after designers for bead woven jewelry depicting flowers, ocean life, and right-angle weave structured forms. We are honored to showcase 18 pieces from his collection, including bracelets, necklaces and handlets, each piece worthy of awe.

Wall Flowers

Wall Flowers Necklace

Needlecrafts first caught Huib’s attention when he was a child growing up in a small town in Holland. Encouraged by his mom, grandma, and the local needlecraft store owner, he picked up crochet, knitting, tatting, macramé, bobbin lace, needle lace, and embroidery with ease.

Going Medieval

Going Medieval

In high school, Huib discovered the theater and loved every aspect of it. He strengthened his existing skills and learned new ones — acting, directing, puppetry, costume design, stage design, backdrop painting, singing, and writing.

In 1995, Huib moved from Holland to San Francisco and opened a small arts and crafts workshop and gallery on Nob Hill. Inspired by a chance encounter with 19th-century Russian beadwork, he discovered the beauty and challenges of designing with beads.

Swim Around My Wrist Bracelets

Swim Around My Wrist Bracelets

Huib uses different sizes of beads as a building material — like little bricks — and a variety of traditional stitches as a flexible, tensile sort of mortar. Placing beads one by one, row by row on top of each other, he combines his needlework, theater, and jewelry skills to create sculpted bugs, butterflies, birds, and sea creatures in their environments. The result is a unique kind of wearable art that offers the intricacy of embroidery and lace, the depth of a theater set and the durability and brilliance of glass.

Enchanted Waters

Enchanted Waters

Huib has been doing beadwork full-time for many years and all of his pieces are unique. His work is featured in Beading Across America. As an instructor, his endless creative energy is very apparent in the classroom and to all of us who know and work with him.

You can view more of Huib’s work on exhibit at our store in Berkeley, CA or visit his website.

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6 Responses to Huib Petersen: Flowers, Ocean Life and Right-Angle Weave

  1. Kirstyn says:

    Huib’s work is so beautiful! I’m so excited to see so many pieces in one location!


  2. Lucy says:

    What a great artist Huib is, take a class with him he’s a kick!


  3. mellowmish says:

    simply stunning! i have taken a class with huib as well and he is a wonderful teacher.


  4. Shannon says:

    I love Huib and his amazing work! I took a class with him at your Berkeley store, it was so much fun 🙂


  5. Lena Carlson says:

    I just finish a class with Huib and it was wonderful, he is an amazing teacher. He is very compassionate with his students. Very sweet personality.


  6. Gina Sandine says:

    Your work is truly stunning!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful
    Gina Sandine


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