DIY: Easiest Wrap Bracelet Ever!

BaublesAndBeads-Tap-Samples1232Really this bracelet is so easy to make I feel a bit ridiculous making a tutorial on it. But I remind myself it is not always about the techniques but rather an introduction to materials and the development of design through the practice of making simple jewelry. So lets begin…

Materials Needed:


Tools Needed:

BaublesAndBeads-Tap-Step1-2Step 1.) Add a dab of glue both inside the cord end and on the end of the cord and insert the glued end of the cord into the cord end.

Zap Gel vs E6000: In this project I tested both Zap Gel glue and E6000. Zap glue is great because the whole process of gluing is over in about 20 seconds. The con of Zap is that it is super glue and accidental gluing of fingers or excess glue squeezing out of the cap can be annoying to clean up. E6000 on the other hand takes about 24 hours to completely dry and when it comes to quick jewelry designs is itself a con. However, E6000 allows you to re-position the cord in the cap exactly how you want it with time to remove any excess glue.  My conclusion: if you are going to make a bunch or sell it use E6000 and if it’s for you or a gift use Zap Gel.

BaublesAndBeads-Tap-Step2-2Step 2.) Once the glue is dry use chain nose pliers to connect the toggle clasp bar to the cord end using two jump rings. (Two jump rings are needed on this end of the clasp to position the toggle bar correctly. The extra ring also provides the length needed for the toggle bar to clear the toggle when clasping the bracelet on and off.) If you are new to working with jump rings, check out a previous posting: Jump Ring Techniques and Tips.

BaublesAndBeads-Tap-Step3-2Step 3.) Using chain nose pliers, connect the toggle clasp to the other cord end using the final jump ring.

Step 4.) Cut the cord to length. Whoa! Not so fast. First we must determine what the proper length is. At this point you need to decide how many times the bracelet will wrap around your wrist. One, two, or three it is up to you. I find four times around looks messy.

Once I have decided my length I go ahead and cut, insert the opposite end of the cord into my final cord end and carefully try the bracelet on as a double check of my length. Once you are satisfied move on to Step 5.


Step 5.) Glue the final end of the cord into the remaining cord end, wait for the glue to dry and admire how easy that was!!!

But wait, there’s more… EMBELLISHMENT

BaublesAndBeads-Tap-Sample2-2Beads with large enough holes to fit this cord can be hard to find. On this sample (because yes, I have made all of my friends this bracelet) I added 2 brass slider tubes for a bit more heft.

BaublesAndBeads-Tap-Sample3-2My friend Mayra liked this design and she loves charms. On this piece I added a Swarovski crystal heart charm and two black tassel charms. I connected the tassels with 21 gauge/6mm jump rings.  The heart charm is connected with a 13 gauge/12mm jump ring.

BaublesAndBeads-Tap-Sample4-2Still not satisfied with the piece I made in the beginning of this tutorial; I decided to use scrap 26 gauge wire (thread will work too) to make beaded rings that move freely on the cord. I also added a ring in the channel of the cord end. I used 3mm hex spacers but I would probably use the 2.25mm hex bead next time so that the embellishment doesn’t overtake the overall design.

And finally, the scrap pile….



A bit of my cord split at the seam. Always curious of “what if” I decided to use a seam ripper to cut the tapestry cord open to make my daughter a flat wrap bracelet.

BaublesAndBeads-Tap-ScrapBinAfter ripping out the seam I flattened the cord by putting a dictionary on it for a few hours (any heavy flat object will work :). The inside of the cord isn’t beautiful but my kid is 5 so she won’t judge. On each end I slid on a 20mm slide tube end cap. If this is the first time you have encountered this finding let me direct you to a recent project using them, you will see them again in future DIYs I publish. I used a bit of glue to secure the ends and made a big mess (again, no judgement this is how we learn).

And there we have it: one design, a bunch of different bracelets. I have to admit this is why I love designing jewelry. Each piece leads to the next and on and on until you become master of the universe, or in the very least, I’ll make my daughter happy with my final scrap project.

If you enjoy this be sure to share it and support who graciously pay me to write tutorials for you.

About Lisa Claxton
Beads... what can I say, they are and have always taken over my life. Every room in the house has them and yet I crave more.

4 Responses to DIY: Easiest Wrap Bracelet Ever!

  1. Sandra says:

    hmmm. although you said it is “the easiest wrap bracelet ever,” you didn’t explain the first couple steps for those of us who have never made one in the past! I don’t see a place to purchase “tapestry cord” other than etsy. do you have any suggestions? thanks


  2. It’s a super cool bracelet, and I think your instructions are thorough. I really like all the extra embellishment options you added as well as the scrap option. Very cool!


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