Thank you for 27 years! went offline permanently on November 1, 2017. For those of you who have been a part of Baubles & Beads history, we thank you so much for your decades of support and creativity. For all of us at Baubles & Beads life is about to change a lot. We all have to get “real” jobs now, kind of… Check out what we are looking forward to:

Lisa Kaufman, the owner of Baubles & Beads, has always been a master curator. Whether through the selection of beads and findings to display at her bead store or the eclectic bits and pieces she assembles in her jewelry line @ Korut Studio, Lisa has a fantastic eye for rich, subtle details. She is looking forward to focusing her attention on her jewelry line and extensive art practice. Check out her upcoming events & shows. Be sure to check out her work online or at one of the many retail boutiques that carry her line.

Lisa Claxton has worked with Baubles & Beads since 1997. Beside teaching, selling & designing beaded jewelry Lisa is also a great collector (aren’t we all) of beads & jewelry components. Not one to let beads slip through her fingers, Lisa is joining the team of one of her favorite sources: Nina Designs. Baubles & Beads was proud to sell Nina Designs components and we are excited for where the future will take her. Be sure to check out their website and if you are a new customer mention: “Lisa Claxton” in the comment section when making a purchase and get $5 off.

Thanks again to all of you! We look forward to the future but will always treasure the relationships build upon the Baubles & Beads Community.

Bead Well,

Lisa & Jim Kaufman, Lisa Claxton, Denise Daniel, Mary, Myra, Onna, & the dogs: Marley, Bonzai & Ella.

About beadshopgirl
My name is BeadShopGirl and I'm a beadaholic. In the morning, in the afternoon and into the night I think about them, match them and even dream about them. And here I blog; all about beads.

One Response to Thank you for 27 years!

  1. Judy Stallings says:

    Best of luck to y’all. You had such great, quality merchandise!


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