New Base Metal Findings

Come in and check out all the new base metal finding we have been getting in! Like the silver caps used on this bracelet.


DIY -Gold Shield Earrings

This sunday morning’s D.I.Y project is brought to you by yet another lovely bead shop babe!

To make these earrings you will need a hole punch, chainnose pliers, gold plate jump rings, earwires and 18 dimensional cube charms

Step 1: punch holes in the gold shield charms


step 2: attach together using gold plated jump rings

Step 3: add earwires!

Current Obsession — Spike Beads

Look what just came in the door of our shop…. SPIKES!  And in so many fun colors!



Current Obsession — Marquise Rings

Here at Baubles and Beads we tend to get a little fixated on things.  Right now its our vermeil marquise rings.

Here are some examples of earrings we have made using them!

Inspired? Show us what you have made using the marquise rings!
and check out the ear wires we used in these earrings here ❤ shop Girl

DIY -Wire Lace Necklace

For this Sunday I thought I would take one of the stores popular samples and break down how it was made.  This elegant necklace is really simple to make once you have seen the steps it takes to do it.

Materials Needed: 

 Wire Lace in Brass,  Gold pyrite briolettes (and briolette shaped stone will work),   Gold filled crimp ends ,  Gold ,   Gold plated clasp,   Gold plated jump rings,   Hypo cement glueChainnose plyers, Thread snips


Step 1:  Cut two, one yard lengths of the wire lace and tie the two peices together at one end.  You want to leave about a 3 inch tail from the knot. 

Step 2:  thread one of the pyrite beads on t0 one of the strands of wire lace.

Step 3:  Bringing the two threads of wirelace together, tie and overhand knot about half an inch from your first knot.

Step 5: When you have finished knotting on the pyrite beads to the two strands, hold the ends of both strands together (where you tied your first knot) and tie another overhand knot that ties the two strands together.   Glue the knot with hypo cement.


Step 6: Slide the crimp end on over the knot while the glue is still tacky and smash it flat with chainnose pliers.   Trim the tails of the thread off.  Repeat on the other end of you wirelace strands. 


Step 7: Attach chain and clasp in the back to acheive your desired lengh. 

DIY -Turquoise & Wasp Leather Cuff

Turquoise + Wasp Leather Cuff


This simple to make cuff bracelet will make the perfect accessory with a summer dress or jeans and a tee shirt.   (can you tell I’m fantasizing about summer time already?)

To get started you will need:
Leather Blank (Baubles and Beads has these in store only, call for ordering info)
4mm round beads, I used turquoise beads here, but any material would work
C-Lon Thread in Gold
Brass Button, the button I chose has a shank on the back.  One with 2 or four holes would also work
Brass Wasp

Hole Punch

Thread Snips


Super Glue

1.  Using the hole punch, punch holes on the edge of the leather about a centimeter apart. Be careful not to get too close to the edge!

2.  Cut approx. 1 yard of C-lon thread.  I like to put super glue on one inch of the thread to make it easier to pull through the leather (cheater needle!)

3.  Tie the C-lon in a square knot in the first hole in the leather.  Dab with super glue and cut the tail off.

*if your holes are too tight to pull the thread through easily then you can use your awl to widen them*

4.  Using a whip stitch, sew through the holes in the leather, sliding on a bead each time your thread is on the top on the leather.


Repeat until both sides of the leather are beaded.

5.  Now its time to add the button!  Using the hole punch, punch two holes on one end of the leather.  *be sure to check the sizing on your wrist before you decide where to place the button*

6.  Using the C-Lon thread, sew through the leather and button shank several times and then tie a knot on the back of the leather.  Dab the knot with super glue and trim tails.

7.  On the other side of the leather strip cut a button hole.  Use the hole punch to start your hole, then using the thread snips open the hole up just as large as it needs to be to fit over the button.


8.  To add the wasp, use hole punch and punch two holes, one in each wing.

9.  Place the wasp in the middle of the leather cuff and use an awl to mark where you will need to punch holes.  Then remove the wasp and punch out the holes.


    10.  Using C-lon, make a stitch through each hole and around the wasp’s body, tying knots in the back and securing with super glue before trimming extra thread.



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