Who is Bead Shop Girl?

Lisa & Jim Kaufman grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Jim was a navy man and he was stationed in Alameda, CA in 1985 with his (beautiful and ever so stylish) wife. During this period of her life, Lisa took advantage of the rich culture found in the San Francisco Bay Area. She stumbled upon a bead store one day and then suddenly, everything changed.

As an avid beader, Lisa was driven to open her own bead store that was curated specifically for active beader’s.  Top of her list was access to information, a knowledgeable staff, and an ever-changing selection. Together, Lisa & Jim opened Baubles & Beads in 1991 in Berkeley, CA.

After 25 years of serving the Bay Area Baubles & Beads closed its doors in 2016 to focus on its global reach through their website: BaublesAndBeads.com. In 2017 they built a new website (with the help of the amazingly talented, Lisa Claxton) designed for beader’s by beader’s.

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Lisa & Jim Kaufman circa 1997

Who is Bead Shop Girl?

There are many of us who make up Bead Shop Girl. Our company is a reflection of the company we keep, including both our customer’s and our staff. We recognize that our collective knowledge of beads and techniques is something to be proud of. We are here to encourage your creativity and provide the tools you need to create! Over the course of nearly 25 years we have been blessed with many people whose contribution to the store has made it what it is today. Below are a few members of our team who you may interact with through customer service through our website:

Lisa Claxton

Lisa Claxton

Lisa Claxton has worked with Baubles & Beads since 1997. In that time she has played many roles all of which led her up to the moment when she became the best internationally known blog DIY tutorial writer for the best blog ever: BeadShopGirl.


Denise Daniel

Denise Daniel has been with the company off and on for over a decade. Currently Denise is On-Fire as our sales manager. Chances are when you call she will pick up the phone to assist customers directly.

…Although a bit camera shy we are also very grateful for the assistance provided by Mary, Mayra, Onna, Marley, Ella & Bonsai.


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