Storage Tips & Tricks from the Bead Store

Storing Your Beads

It all starts out so innocently: a quick gift here, a special pair of earrings there, a few classes, lots of small ziplock bags with cryptic codes written on them. Pretty soon you have beads everywhere. Storing your beads and supplies can be a tough problem to tackle. Everyone likes to be organized, but the creative side likes the chaos of materials spread around the work table for inspiration. One may even feel pressure from various co-habitants if your ‘studio’ occupies the same space as the kitchen table, or even (gasp, I know!) the same room as the television. So, take some Tips & Tricks from the Bead Store to help keep your beads in order.

Keep beads on the strand as long as possible. 

Many glass beads and virtually all the semi-precious stone beads are sold on a strand. Remove only the beads you need for each design. This trick aids in counting how many you have left over and the length of beads left unused. Tie a slip knot at the end of the strand or use a bit of tape so that removing beads later is easy. Keep the price tag on the strand for future reference.


Store like with like. 

It’s a drag to hunt all over for your findings, or a chain or a particular bead. At the Bead Store we keep like items together: findings all in one place, glass beads together, pearls and stone beads in yet another section. From a visual point of view, use the rainbow of color to store similar colored items together. Can’t remember the order of the rainbow? Think Roy G Biv; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, followed by black and white.


These ‘tic tac’ style boxes are great for small items. They are clear and come in a hinged case to keep them together.

Pick an organizing strategy and stick with it!

As long as it works for you, it’s okay; everyone has different needs and space. Avoid a systems that limit growth or have too many boxes in boxes as it is hard to see what you have.  At the Bead Store we use clear plastic shoe boxes to store our extra beads; making it easy to see what’s inside at a glance. Plus they stack together and can be labeled easily.


Now, go play with your beads!

We’d love for you to share your own personal storage tips & tricks. Feel free to comment on what works, or doesn’t, for you!

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