DIY -Chain Tassel Necklace

tasselnecklacesample2This tassel necklace has long been one of my “go-to” designs for whipping up a quick necklace to showcase my growing collection of rhinestone connectors. The double strand necklace helps to balance the fullness of the tassel fringe. Customize this design by using different styles of chain, mixing metal colors, adding additional chains to the tassel or playing with the length of chains used in the tassel.

Tools Neededmaterials3
Flush wire cutters
2 pairs of chain nose pliers
Beading awl

Materials Needed
A rhinestone connector
40 inches of 1.5mm curb chain
5, 4mm jump rings
1, 6mm soldered jump ring
1 lobster clasp

Preparing the PendantMakingtheTasselPendantStep 1: Using wire cutters, cut four lengths of chain that measure 1″ long.

Step 2: Insert the tapered tip of the beading awl into the last link of each chain and use your fingers to force the link to stretch wider by pushing the link onto the wider point of the awl. *This is a great trick to use on any small soldered chain link to stretch out the link and make it large enough to accommodate jump rings.

Step 3: Using 2 pairs of chain nose pliers, attach each chain length to a 4mm jump ring. Close the ring tightly.

Step 4: Attach the jump ring from the previous step to the rhinestone connector with a new jump ring.

Attaching the Necklace

The necklace is made up of two 18″ chains and clasped together with a lobster claw and soldered ring. attachingthenecklaceStep 5: Cut two 18″ lengths of chain.

Step 6: Stretch the end links of both chains using the tapered tip of the beading awl.

Step 7: Attach both chains to the clasp set using a new jump ring. (One side will attach to the lobster claw and one side will attach to the soldered ring.)

Step 8: Using chain nose pliers, connect the two chains to the top ring of the rhinestone component with a new jump ring.


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DIY -Swarovski Pearl & Brass Disc Earrings

We just love the new connectors from TierraCast! Here is a quick and easy earring project using the discs. Of course this design would also make a great bracelet too!


Tools Needed
Flush Wire Cutters
Roundnose Pliers
Chainnose Pliers

Materials Needed
1 Pair Bronze Ball-End Earwires
2 Hammertone Connector Discs
2 Antique Brass Plated Ball-End Headpins
2 10mm Swarovski Pearls





Step 1: String a bead onto the ball-end headpin.

Step 2: Bend the wire to a 90-degree angle so that it rests snugly against the bead.

Step 3: Using flush wire cutters, cut the headpin down in length so that it measures 1 centimeter.

cut wire down before making the simple loop

Cut wire down before making the simple loop

Step 4: Using roundnose pliers, gently grab the very end of the headpin and shape the wire around the jaw of the pliers to make a loop. This step takes several tool adjustments in order to fully shape the wire into a loop.

Use roundnose pliers to make a simple loop

Use roundnose pliers to make a simple loop

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 to make a loop on the second Swarovski pearl.

Step 6: Open the loop gently by holding the open end of the loop with chainnose pliers and twisting the wire end outward as shown.

Step 7: Feed the open loop into the disc and close it by twisting the wire end inward.

Step 8: Attach the earwire by opening the loop in the same manner. Feed the Hammertone Disc onto the back of the earwire (the hole is not big enough to fit the embellishment ball through it) and around until it rests in the embellishment loop. Close the loop.

Attach the bead and earwire to the connector.

Attach the bead and earwire to the connector.

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