DIY -Braided Hex Cut Bead Bracelet

hexcutbeadsbraidTools Needed

Materials Neededmaterials
5 feet waxed linen cord
120(+or-) 2.25mm metal hex spacer beads
1 large hole bead

What fun!! This bracelet is made by incorporating beads into a braid of waxed linen cord. We have made a dozen of these using everything from size 8/0 seed beads ( rounds, & magatmas) to 3mm faceted glass; really any small bead that will fit onto the cord will work.

Preparing the Cords

Step 1: Cut the waxed linen into two 30 inch lengths.

Step 2: Hold the two cords side-by-side and run your fingers along the two strands. The wax on the linen will make the two strands stick together as if they were a single strand.

Making the Clasp Loop05grouping

Step 3: String 17 hex beads onto the end of the two cords and position them in the middle of the cords. (If using a different bead to clasp the bracelet, adjust the number of beads used here to fit snugly over the bead.)

Step 4: Shape the beaded segment of cord into a loop. Secure the loop closed by tying both sides of the cord into an overhand knot. Make sure the knot is positioned against the beads before tightening.

Step 5: Separate the individual strands of cord and cut one strand off with scissors. Three strands will remain.

Braiding the Beads in Place06beads

Step 6: String about 30 hex beads onto one of the cords. Tie a loose knot around the final bead, near the end of the cord, to keep the beads from falling off the strand during braiding. Repeat this step on the remaining strands.


Step 7: Fan out the three strands. Beginning with the left hand strand, push a bead up against the overhand knot. Cross the cord over the front of the middle strand.

Step 8: Push a bead against the overhand knot of the right-hand strand. Cross the cord over the front of the middle strand.

Step 9: Continue braiding the beads in place by positioning a bead against the braid and crossing the cord over the front of the middle strand, alternating from left to right. Add (or subtract) beads as needed until the bracelet fits loosely around the wrist from the tip of the loop to the end of braid.

Finishing the Braceletfinishingthebraid

Step 10: Continue braiding the beads in place until the braided segment fits loosely around the wrist from the tip of the loop to the end of the braid.

Step 11: Secure the end of the cord by tying all three cords together into an overhand.


Step 12: String a large hole bead onto the cords.

Step 13: Secure the bead in place by tying another overhand knot up against the bottom of the bead. Be sure to make certain that the knot is large enough to hold the bead in place. If not, tie an additional overhand knot on top of the one made in the previous step.

Step 14: Finish off each of the cords by stringing a single bead onto the individual cords and tying a single overhand knot to hold the bead in place. Cut off excess thread.  Vary the length of each of the threads for a tassel effect.

We love reading your comments! Drop us a line in the comment section and you qualify for a chance to win a kit of supplies used to make this bracelet. Winner will be chosen March 31st and notified via email. Good luck -BSG

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